These Immovable Walls: Performance Power at Dublin Castle

These Immovable Walls: Performing Power at Dublin Castle from michellebrowne on Vimeo.

These Immovable Walls: Performing Power at Dublin Castle International exhibition of live performance 11 & 12 July 2014 - Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle has been the seat of power in the city for much of its 800-year history. For two days, Dublin Castle was host to performances by national and international artists in an exhibition focusing on the theme of power and its relationship to performance. Artists, Philip Napier (N.I), Sandra Johnston (N.I.), Katerina Seda (CZE), Carey Young (U.K.), Pauline Cummins (IRL) & Dominic Thorpe (IRL), performed in a variety of spaces inside Dublin Castle, in a series of performances that interrogated Dublin Castle as a public space. The artists engaged directly with the site, focusing on the day-to-day activities while also looking back into history to excavate its past. These Immovable Wall was curated by Michelle Browne and was supported by The Arts Council of Ireland and The Office of Public Works.